Book Review: The Snow Queen by Michael Cunningham (2014)


Michael Cunningham

HarperCollins, $27.99

Acute observations: US author Michael Cunningham.

Acute observations: US author Michael Cunningham.Photo: Richard Phibbs


You could call it a fairytale of New York, but think the Pogues rather than Hans Christian Andersen. Cunningham’s seventh novel could also be described as the story of the intertwined lives of a handful of Brooklyn hipsters, but written for those who hate the way the word ‘’hipster’’ has devolved into one of the English language’s most meaningless epithets.

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Gig Review: Arctic Monkeys, Qantas Credit Union Arena, 6 May 2014

“Something’s gonna happen Sydney, you’ve got that look in your eye” Alex Turner tells the packed arena. If anyone should know a menacing gleam when he sees it, it’s Turner, whose Monkeys have morphed into world leaders in a delicious brand of unease. The exact kind of ominous pent-up energy that runs through their opening song ‘Do I Wanna Know?’.

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