I am a Sydney-based writer and copywriter and have worked as a lawyer, public servant and museum curator.

My work has appeared in The Sydney Morning Herald,  The Guardian, The Age, The Sun-Herald (Sydney), The Australian, The CEO Magazine, Australian Book Review, The Australian Financial Review, Time Out Sydney, The Big Issue, Real Time, Eureka Street, Good Reading, Mess + Noise and Indigenous Law Bulletin.

My first novel, titled You’re the Kind of Girl I Write Songs About, was published by Harper Collins.

You can follow me on Instagram: instagram.com/carnival_lights

One response to “About”

  1. Shnaya stubbings Avatar
    Shnaya stubbings

    I’m a big fan of mr her born and he help me though being bullied im seventeen and I read your the girl I writes songs about 89,00000 times since 2015 -2016 -2017 I’m truly thankful to Daniel for everything 💙

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